2 days have passed since the terrible blizzard went away
and it left thick snow piled over the streets.

We hardly have much snow in Tokyo: it was the biggest for these 10 years,
 as a weather broadcaster said.
So kids go crazy throwing snowballs and grown-ups are scooping up so desperately......and cars stuck in it.

For me, I kind of enjoyed this sudden coldness 'cause it could be used
 as an excuse to wear thick outfits.
Emilio Pucci boots which can be worn a few times a year, ear muffs,
are as enjoyable as an exaggeratingly thick fur jacket like this.

                                                           fur jacket: Grace Continental(JP brand)
                                                           tops: H&M
                                                           skirt: asos(available here)/ necklace: RADA
                                                           clutch: PierreHardy(available here)
                                                           earrings: Etsy(from this shop)

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