Today: February 3rd, we Japanese have a bit strange celebration
called 'Setsubun' that literally means 'sectional separation.'
It was originally referred to the beginning of a new season in the solar year.

And......how do we celebrate this?

Well, there are several ways...but the most common custom
found throughout Japan is throwing dry beans and shouting like
'Oniwa soto, fukuwa uchi! (Evil spirits away, and come in happiness!).'

According to Wikipedia, Setsubun first appeared in Muromachi period
(1337-1573), and even world-famous artist,
Hokusai Katsushika drew that ritual scene in his ukiyo-e painting.

There is no formal or proper way to throw beans,
but I usually stand at a front entrance of my house and
throw them toward outside.


                                           there's no authentic costume for this ritual
                                           I wore
                                           top: Emporio Armani/ skirt: asos(here)
                                           shoes: Sergio Rossi

                             Hokusai 'Setsubun'

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