Here are my recent purchases for this spring~

I've admired candy colors for a while now.
I saw these items in random stores in Tokyo and their bright
candy colors just drew me in.
They may be little too aggressive but still I can't help stalking statement pieces
especially in spring time.

                                                                           Toga shoes

                                                                            Thierry  Lasry specs   

                                                                          and my new nail design!

                                           ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!



Thank you for your comments to the previous post.
I really enjoyed reading them.

I suppose it elicited sensory and a kind of skeptical responses, maybe...
but as long as I can say...it inspired me a big deal.

I also have some other unique items that I haven't shared yet
so stay tuned and I do love to hear your opinions again!

top: zara(here)
pants: asos(similar here)
necklace: Sarit Simayof
earrings: Les Nereides
bangle: Hermes
bracelets: Seasonal Whispers(here)
envelop ring: Gemma Redux
floral ring: no brand
shoes: zara

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To be honest with you, this slash-neck top was not my purchase.
Well, I did pay...but I was consistently recommended by my close friend.
At first, I thought it was a joke and laughed because this was far from my taste.
But the guy I can trust especially about styling continued persuading me
into putting it to a cart.
'Are you serious? It looks like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance!'
'Noooo, what I wanna say is...this is the time to push up your comfort zone
and challenge another taste!'

To tell you the truth, it required a kind of courage to walk outside
but I could say.....it gave me a chance to go to the opposite side!

top: asos(here)
skirt: topshop(here)
earrings: asos(similar here)
bangle(left): bought in Italy
bangle(right): no brand

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I love the idea of restyling because it gives me the chances
to utilize the particular items and to avoid imitating a magazine style 
which seems to come directly out of pages.

Floral and striped patterns are versatile items to be relied on,
but to make a bigger impact, I put them together for a challenge.

As wandering in my closet, images of color and printed combinations
flashed before my eyes...and seeing in a mirror, my heart skipped a beat.
'Cause it looked 'way more captivating than to wear one each.

dress(worn as a top): 3.1 phillip lim(here)
skirt: zara(here)
belt: no brand
bag: GUCCI
boots: Giuseppe Zanotti

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Kenzo is now back in the spotlight with roaring tiger sweat top
and bold patterns created by the duo designers Leon and Carol Lim.

                                                                     KENZO store in Isetan Tokyo
The brand name Kenzo reminds me of my childhood
when I could find two or three students in a class wearing Kenzo logo top.

But new-born Kenzo is totally different.
Each piece is so refreshing and surprisingly new with vivid patterns and colors,
and more than anything, Kenzo's original tiger print is
essential icon for the revival of this brand.

dress: KENZO(here)
gloves: bought in Italy
shoes: zara(here)
bag: Alexis Hudson

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For welcoming the arrival of spring with the season's top hit list,
today I opted another piece of 3.1 phillip lim silk top.
Well, flowers grew everywhere and it became an ultimate badge for
spring&summer feminity.
But among them what I love most about this printed top is that...
It's technically chic and simple but doesn't look twee with a subtle edge,
and goes with almost everything from leather pants to maxi skirt.

jacket: tibi(old)
top: 3.1 phillip lim(similar here)
leather shorts: Karma(also love DVF)
bracelets: Seasonal Whispers(here)
bangle: bought in Italy
earrings: one of a kind from etsy

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Acne items always give me thrill when wearing it,
and after choosing 'bills overlay dress' I shared with you previously,
my eyes were again darted toward to this snake printed dress.
Actually it was love at first sight for its vibrant colors and
the well-structured shape as well.

I'm so excited to think how I can play in different ways of incorporating
this perfect dress into my spring&summer wardrobe.

dress: Acne(here)
belt: Kate Spade(similar here)
clutch: DVF(similar here)
shoes: Diana(JP brand)
bracelet: Seasonal Whispers(here)
bangle: bought in Italy

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when I meet someone for the first time, I easily get nervous
and the memory of my trifle failure in the past makes it much stronger.

For me, the tip to avoid that is to show something noticeable
or to have something that can be shared in common.

A picture of my dog, a remarkable jewelry piece or just a pen with a
unexpected character on the top.

The 'trick' I chose today is this Star wars t-shirt
and this worked effectively for today's meeting with movie producers.

leather jacket: Beautiful People(JP brand/similar here)
t-shirt: Forever 21(here)
inner top: Three Floor(here)
denim: H&M
shoes: Jeffery Campbell(here)
hat: Hermes
watch: Hermes
bangle: Jimmy Choo
ring: Gemma Redux
necklace: Style Nanda(here)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!



Sporting my favorite Chanel jacket, I noticed that I've worn this
at least once a month.
If I fall in love with something, I'll keep on reaching for that particular item 
over and over again.
First, I paired it with black pants, and at the second time paired with
disheveled jeans, and today...I wore it with a gingham-check shirt 
adding a sort of a spring tone.

jacket: Chanel
shirt: uniqlo(here)
pants: Rock&republic(similar here)
shoes: zara
ring&bangle: Buccellati
bracelets: Seasonal Whispers(here)



Last weekend we had bizarre stormy days...
and maybe because of this I felt a kind of tiredness this morning.

On the day like this, I'd rather play with a sort of 'easy-come, easy-go' style.
Ya know, there's something so smart and chic about a bo-ho style~
especially when it's worn in ethnic pants and paired with a contrasting top.

And I also added a fringed suede jacket with the hem floating on movements.
It surely blew off my tiredness like the polished...today's sunny sky.

suede jacket: zara(here)
lace top: Three Floor(here)
pants: Minusey(here)
belt: asos(here)
bootie: Acne(here)
bag: 3.1 Phillip lim(old)
necklace: juicy couture(old)
studded bracelet: Valentino
chained bracelet: Lulu Frost

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