Happy weekend!!

I've been so enticed from florals these days, and this lacey floral blouse
was a perfect addition to my summer&spring spin.
As it gets hotter, but not too hot like in mid-summer this kind of
sheer top definitely works well for my go-to pieces!
And of course it will be a great transitional autumn piece with...let's say
denim pants and leather jacket.

top: style Nanda(similar here)
bag: Chanel
belt: asos(here)
earrings: vintage

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I've been eyeing any types of shorts this season and they kinda grow on me.

The other day I spotted these Acne shorts...with my fave dollar-bill print.
(I also have another: a printed dress I wore here)
and lucky me these pants were on sale!

quick snaps on my way to meetings....

shirt : Stylestalker
bustier: Nastygal(here)
shorts: acne(here on sale!)
shoes: Rupert Sanderson(also love these)
bracelet: Buccellati
bangle: valentino

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The rainy season has begun here in Tokyo and we are having
quite a lot of rain lately.
So even brief sunshine gives me a refreshing moment.

Naturally I felt like wearing light and breezy as it stopped raining for a while.
I wore these Bohemian-style pants and finished a look with a hair-piece.
- a bit messy but very very comfy style I love!!

top: asos(here)
pants: Etoile Isabel Marant(here on sale!)
sandals: Pellico
hair-piece: bought at a random store in Tokyo

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On the last day of my trip to Bhutan, I challenged to hike up
the mountain to visit Taktsang Monastery.

To see this- one of the most important Buddhist sites was
a high-light of my trip.
Taktsang Monastery is built on a cliff over 3000meter/9842ft  altitude
and it takes 2.5hrs to achieve, so it was such strenuous and literally
breath-taking  experience.

As an alternative way, you can rent a horse to bring up the mountain slope.

To tell you the truth, I wrenched the knee on my way down.
It was so painful and I couldn't bend it a bit after that,
but I still recommend you to walk on your foot like Buddhist locals do.
'cause it must be totally different!!

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As travelling in a countryside in Bhutan, I stayed at a host family's house.

The life was totally different from my daily life.
Electricity, gas, clear water, all those I assumed to be essential
were not provided automatically, and I had to take a cold shower
or to urinate in woods.
One night, I was so frightened at a scorpion lying on my bed!!

Though the stay was, I should say...uncomfortable and inconvenient
the scene of the local's life was just beautiful......
They gathered under a small lump for dinner and every member helps
each other all the time.
Before leaving there, mother asked me a bit awkwardly
"Are you happy?"
I said "yes"...and she smiled "I'm happy-happy-happy."

The picture below is 'a stone bath' they prepared for me.
Water was heated up by putting burnt stones into a tub.
This was incredible and healed strain like a miracle!!

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Hello, everyone.
Finally, I got back to Bangkok and had a chance to write this post about
my tour to Bhutan.

As the country has been called "The Last Shangrila",
the major image of Bhutan is the bright sense of pristine nature and
Buddhist culture that affect all aspects of life.

jacket: asos(similar here)
top: Free People(similar here)
pants: zara(here on sale)
sunnies: Fossil(old)
shoes: Nike(here)

What enchants travelers most is this unexploited nature.
More than 70% of the total land is under forest and 35% is strictly
protected national parks.

And as well as its nature, Bhutan is also known as "the happiest country."
The ideology "GNH(Gross National Happiness)" took shape around in the 90's,
and Bhutan now initiates this concept internationally.

But is this really real??
Probably you've noticed, this feeling 'happiness' differs in each region.
The percentage of 'happiness' tends to rise in the small provinces
and decline in cities like Thimphu- the capital city.

From the scenery of Thimphu...

 In the next post, I'll write about the life in farms in comparison with the city.
So stay tuned and see you soon...!!

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As you read this post. I'm probably on my way to the airport.
Can you guess I'm heading for???

I'm going to Bhutan!!
The trip is half on business and half on vacation.
I've been so interested in Bhutanese life and wanted to
do research how they live in one of the happiest countries in the world.
(According to Business Week in 2006, Bhutan was rated as
the happiest country in asia and the eighth-happiest in the world.)

I'm not sure Wi-Fi conditions over there......
it might be difficult to blog the travel scenes real time though I want to...

But I do love to share the scenery with you,
I'll do my best to take nice pictures and enjoy myself!
Actually, I'm going to stay at a host family's house in a farm!!

So...... bye for now see you soon!!

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The first time I saw this dress was when I was a little kid
I found this in my mom's picture.
Though too little to know who was Yves Saint Laurent,
I was immediately drawn to this dress with huge impact.
But unfortunately my mom confessed that she threw that away
for closet arrangement as she delivered my brother.

So the second time I encountered this dress in reality
(at a vintage boutique in Omotesando: the most popular district
for fashion people)
I felt my heart skipped a loud beat!
At that time I grew up to be a university student and I can afford
to buy this for around $100.
Can you believe that??
The price was only $100......genuine, really genuine
the YSL safari look: I swear.

So since then I've kept this dress as my treasure
and pull it out from time to time regardless of the fashion trend.

Truly sophisticated items can go beyond the generations, right?

dress: vintage YSL(similar here)
shoes: Jessica Buurman(here)
earrings: Unoaerre
bangle: Jimmy Choo
bracelet: Valentino

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Generally, I love printed items but among them
I'm so into leopard prints for some time now.
This vest I found at Australian brand ' Fashion Banker' is 
just perfect and it gives a fresh spring look and works 
nicely with metallic colors.......more than perfect!!

vest: Fashion Banker(similar here)
skirt: Fashion Banker(here)
top: H&M
sunnies: Nastygal(here)
necklace: Adia Kibur
bangle: Jimmy Choo
bracelet: Abbey
boots: Giuseppe Zanotti

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