As travelling in a countryside in Bhutan, I stayed at a host family's house.

The life was totally different from my daily life.
Electricity, gas, clear water, all those I assumed to be essential
were not provided automatically, and I had to take a cold shower
or to urinate in woods.
One night, I was so frightened at a scorpion lying on my bed!!

Though the stay was, I should say...uncomfortable and inconvenient
the scene of the local's life was just beautiful......
They gathered under a small lump for dinner and every member helps
each other all the time.
Before leaving there, mother asked me a bit awkwardly
"Are you happy?"
I said "yes"...and she smiled "I'm happy-happy-happy."

The picture below is 'a stone bath' they prepared for me.
Water was heated up by putting burnt stones into a tub.
This was incredible and healed strain like a miracle!!

                                     ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!

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