As you see, Bustier trend is now reigning.
It may be the time to expose stomachs, yeah...but to the untrained eyes
this looks all a bit toooooo sensational.

The problem is: How can we put that onto the street wear??
Putting on a jacket maybe? If so, this fabulous Napoleon-like embroidery
will be covered.
Ok...let it layered. Put a blouse (with off-shoulder neck) under the bustier
to make it a bit classy and to add some allure to this hip piece.

bustier: Finders Keepers(here on sale!)
off-shoulder top: Diego Reiga
pants: tibi(here)
belt: asos(old)
bag:Givenchy Shark
clear bangle: asos(here)
studded bracelet: Valentino(color option here
shoes: DKNY(here on sale!)



Lately, I've been hooked on painting: mainly abstract genre by acrylic colors.
That happened all of sudden. it was a night three weeks ago, I was to go to bed.
Having a cup of water before sleeping and stood in a hallway......then I came
up with the idea like hit by thunder. The specific image struck my head and I
stood still for a while.
The next day, I rushed to an art material shop, bought a huge canvas, brushes,
and colors to paint the picture I'd been inspired.
The red area infers the celestial world, white is the world we live, the deep blue
line stands for time flow, and the deep red line means ''dreams''.

That's not a difficult, complicated structure.The composition is so-to-speak
a simple color block. But the story didn't end at this point.
I painted this by instinct. To be honest I was totally taken away.
Singing, dancing, and mumbling to myself... I was totally in a trance mode.

After that, wonders happened in a row. The jobs went  well, more than I'd
expected and the wishes came true one by one. I'd always wanted to
find jobs that would allow me to travel overseas. I got that. I had worried about the
tough problems. They were solved.

To flatter this luck more, I put that on a standby screen of my cell phone
and had my nails manicured in the same way.

Well, honestly I hesitated a bit whether I should write this post or not.....
It sounds like a kind of a good luck charm. Or odd for someone maybe.
But more than anything, I would be so glad if some of my precious
readers feel something new or get energized by this painting.

Thanks you for reading!! Wish you a lovely weekend filled with happiness
and great company!!



For the past years, the fashion cycle is making a huge swing right into
the 1960's. The warning is: Mod revival.
Not to mention, it's not the culture I touched in my youth, so definitely
my thrust for something new is now there. It looks so fresh, so different,
so feminine and so vibrant to me.

skirt: Rirandture(old/ similar here&here)
bangles: Forever 21
bag: vintage Chanel
shoes: DKNY(here on sale!)



Though the super-hot summer still remains, I feel subtle autumn air in
the winds, as my eyes gradually gravitates toward trans-seasonal
clothes for autumn ahead.
Fresh and new, they perk up our summer wardrobes at the end of the season,
and entertain us while the sales are on.
Today I'd love to share the mixed media top ~wool&silk~ that I snatched last week.
A bit hot around the neck, but I love the bow tie details and soft color gradation.

top: Vera Wang(here,also love this&this)
pants: Karma(similar here)
eariings: Rue Gembon(here)
bracelet&ring on the pointing finger R hand: Buccellati
other jewelries: Ahkah and no brand
bag: Saint Laurent Emmanuelle(new season)
shoes: Christian Louboutin



Again high&low style today!

Tinted lushes of red as a connective element. Though the prices have
a big distance, colors can tie together without much effort, so love it!

top: zara(sold out/also love this)
pants: topshop 
shirt: Forever 21(here)
watch: Cartier
bag: Chanel
shoes: Valentino(similar here)



I feel that patent leather is gonna be hotter than ever this
autumn&winter, especially that wave would hit around boots or booties district.

There you can find many brands showing brand-new patent leather boots
in the windows, and from those I had a crush on these booties when walking around in Paris.

I greatly appreciate the side-gore details and low heels.
Styled up them with another best-purchase dress from H&M(!!),
I actually love this kind of high and low extreme......and ya know
I also love to answer the questions from fashion-lover girls ''Where is the dress from??''

dress: H&M(here)
bag: Jimmy Choo(similar here,here)
belt: no brand
shoes: Chanel(AW 2014/also love these from zara)



During summer, when my hometown Tokyo turns hot and too humid,
dresses are the way to go.
(Oh I went to Lady Gaga's concert yesterday. She expressed this weather
like this ''Why is it fxxking hot here??'')

This Kaftan-like dress is such a perfect piece as a summer dress. I love the embelished collar and ditsy details around cuffs.
Maybe in the super-hot weather, cotton or linen dresses are more comfortable,
though -I suppose-this kind of flamboyant pieces work well to boost up in this
extreme heat  just like Lady Gaga does to release herself.

belt: Marni(here)
necklace: Forever 21
earrings: Rue Gembon(here)
bag: Alexis hudson



Time flies...and today is the last day in Paris.

I woke up early this morning and went on a tour to Marais, Sacre Couer,
and Montmartre.
Paris is not a big city compared to Tokyo, it is not that hard to
see around by taxi, public bus(I love it!!), or on foot.

By the way this bucket bag is the best purchase of this trip.
I had a crush on the tiny size with vivid fuschia pink at first sight.

top: Michael Kors(similar here)
pants: tibi(here)
bag: Saint Laurent(here)
shoes: Chanel(old)