Lately I've been counting down for a week vacation in Okinawa and
it's finally about to happen!
So excited to go to the beach resort though, packing neatly and correctly is
my first task I have to finish right now!

Oops, one thing I wanna tell you......today Dec,29th is actually my birthday!!
So I've got to sing that song aloud and bite a piece of cake, and yeah...
I should finish to pack anyway!!

Wish you a happy new year! With love.

coat: MiuMiu(old)
top: zara(here)
shorts: zara
necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane(here)
bag: Chloe(love this new color!)
boots: Valentino(similar here)



MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you are having a great time and laughs.

On Christmas days, I especially love to see and check the live visions
from all over the world.
How the people are celebrating holidays, what songs they are singing.......
is it snowing? or Does Santa come on his surfboard??
Lovely and look merry.

Today we are having a shiny day in Tokyo and this was the first look
I wore this morning. So happy that I could wear this embroidered mini dress without a thick winter coat before it gets colder.

jacket: Rika
dress: zara(here)
necklace: Adia Kibur
ring: asos(old)
bag: Valentino Rock stud
shoes: Chanel



It's been cold in Tokyo and I pulled out this black coat for the first time in ten years.
I was a student. I remember that I splurged on this black long coat by saving little by little.
At that time, I had several jobs, a tutor, an interpreter, and an intern at a trust company.
There were very few fast-fashion stores or e-boutiques, so I imperatively learned how to 
find good outfits in great quality though I didn't earn a lot.

Fashion comes and goes, and the ''normcore'' trends brought the long-length coats back again now.
I'm a longtime believer that having a few valuable things are nicer than buying many cheap,
low-quality items.
So now I'm grateful that I passed through the time without fast-fashion and proudly wearing this coat 
quite often this winter.

coat: Cacharel(super old)
fur vest: no brand
top: Michael Kors(here)
pants: Hermes
earrings: handmade from etsy(here)
bracelet: Lele Sadoughi(here)
ring: Culoyon(here)
bag: Valextra(here)
shoes: KORS Michael Kors



Currently updated nails. Playing color contrast and texture
with challenging oriental pattern. Love the avantgarde design on nails!



Lately we are having warmer weather after the storm went by.
That gave me a chance to wear a half-sleeve dress without a coat
and I opted for this detailed dress left deep in the closet.

Classic dresses are not my cup of tea, however I adore this orange/blue
tweed and quilted parts around the shoulders. To anchor that neo-classico
aura, I added a feather necklace in the same color combos.

jacket: Madomoiselle Tara(similar here)
necklace: zara(also love this)
bangle(orange): Hermes
bangle(gold): Forever 21
shoes: Bruno Magli



The holidays in December are the perfect time to wear feminine items.
One of my favorite color combos is this tricolore: red, black, and white.
Such ultimate classic colors with updated retro feel elicit charming aura.
It gives me quiet sophistication and makes it instantly holiday ready!

top: Balmain(similar here)
skirt: Dholic(here)
bag: Burberry(2014 collection)
shoes: asos(here)



These pics were taken at my new house last weekend,
I'm so happy to move into this place though there are still a few
that are organized in order.

Well, I found it's a lot of workload.
I'm proud of my DIY skill, I do paint, file, nail......but it seems to be endless......

Hope, and I promise you to share more with you soon!

jacket: Emporio Armani
fur vest: no brand
top: Beams(similar here)
shorts: zara
boots: Kors Michael Kors(similar here)



I was so thrilled by the news that Christian Louboutin had launched
the beauty line!!
Oh no.....you know Louboutin is a kind of a symbol of women's desire, admiration
and vanity. We long for the identified red sole pumps like young girls try to
make-up using mamas' mirror in secret.

And now, Louboutin lips came along. Just some tints of red will make your cheers red.
So how can we make it up??



Hi! Sorry for the lack of the blog post lately.
To be honest with you, I've been building a new house throughout this year,
and finally it's finished! That was my dream house and I put every essence I love
into it. Now I'm on the last moment: furnishing.
So thrilled to share with you soon!!

coat: zara(here)
top: Stella McCartney(old)
pants: United Arrows(JP brand/similar here)
bag: Chanel
shoes: George J. Love(also love this pair)