Quite different from yesterday, I chose more casual clothes.
Just because there wasn't enough time to get dressed decently before rushing to work.

hat: Hermes  knit: STRASBURGO  pants: SLY(available here&similar here)  bag: 3.1 phillip lim 'Edie'  



Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Today, I had a stage practice of Nihon-Buyoh(Japanese traditional dance).
This is a part of my hobbies and I've been taking lessons for six years.

Away from lessons for a while, I had several mistakes.
Well, it's way more difficult than it looks.
You need to bend your knees all the time and move slowly.

Yet, learning to dance and to wear kimono are the time I can switch my busy working days.



Asos is always a big supporter that fills my wardrobe with lovely items in vogue.
Especially, this knitted intarsia dress & a 'Bonjour' sweater which arrived this morning were without doubt great purchase!

intarsia bag dress 

Bonjour jumper

                     Boots&Strap heels are both from Christian Louboutin
                     Leopard skirt from ACNE(old)
                     Belt from Hermes



I fell in love with this legwear and clicked right away!

Available here.



Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

Today, I attended my best friend's wedding party held at a classy museum in Setagaya Public Park.

I had to make a short speech, so I tried to look moderate, not too gaudy(but just a little......) with an embellished dress.

dress:Matthew Williamson/clutch:Gucci/heels:Chanel



Most weekends, I'm usually pretty beat after busy working days.
But today(Saturday), with beautiful fall weather, I just couldn't resist going out!

Nothing is more exciting than walking around Ginza especially on sunny weekends.
On a main road, traffic lights are shut down, what-so-called 'Pedestrians' Heaven'.

You can walk in the middle of roadway, singing and hopping from shops to shops.
Or like the blond boy below, riding a board might be a fun!!



In fall and winter, I like to dress-down tweed jackets
that look a bit too fancy or ditsy.

Here are 3 ways for different occasions: party style/dating/cycling...

feather shoes: Anna Molinari
baseball cap: Dsquared2
burgundy shoes: Martin Margiela

All these jackets are from 20.000.000 fragments.            



Come fall and a bit cooler weather, deeper color becomes more appealing.

If you want to try a rosey lipstick,
Why dou't you choose CHICCA #75 'floral red'?

It's not too bright.
Colors your lips naturally rosey red.


Lately, walking around GINZA area......I purchased,

comfy CHANEL boots.

It required long and deep consideration, but I didn't have courage to walk away.
Round toes & not-too-high heels are just great for walking around.

And, another......

My eyes were caught by a shop window.
rushed into the store and asked staff to pull out this lovely embroidered purse!!
Where do you think I got this?

It's  ZARA's!!  about $80 or so?

To tell you the truth, It's tooooooo tiny to put in my iphone5.
well, doesn't matter at all.
Capacity is a trivial problem for me.



Is this so surprising?

A bit hilarious, but still understandable......for most of us.
Nobody but its owner knows if it's valuable or not.

Well, just try to leave your empty wallet on table.
The possibility you can get it back would be around 70%, I suppose.
...even in huge cities like Tokyo.



When I can't decide what to wear, I pick up this jacket right away from my closet.
This UNDERCOVER jacket creates effortless edgey & chick look with black pants and T-shirt.

The designer JUN TAKAHASHI makes contemporary Tokyo style with combination of streetwear and high-fashion. I love his way to sophisticate details!


Amazing remedy for physical disorder......

SHIGETA's essetial oils.

Chiko Shigeta founded her cosmetic label in Paris, and now expanding her theory of physical & mental care throughout the world.

Since the first time I used her products, I'm loving and depending on them.
They are 100% natural and clinically tested.

The oil 'Free Me' & 'River of LIfe' will effectively cure your stiff shoulders, backache, migraine, and even a mosquito bite like a miracle!



Today, I highly recommend my fav label SACAI.
The designer Chitose Abe launched her original label in 1999 after working at Comme des Garçons.

She designs well-detailed, but wearable utility-clothes with combination of pleated fins, tulle, and frills.
So I believe her ability is maximised especially in A/W with thick materials.

This is what I bought for this season: a peplum cardigan
This drapey top is dreamy, and I like how the tail floats behind me as I walk.

Peplum style is hottest now, but she took it into her design previously.

Another favorite one: SACAI dress from 2011 collection.

Flagship store is located in Aoyama, Tokyo.
and also available at quite many stores worldwide.



Lately I've been thinking to start something...something new.

I travelled to more than 20 countries in my twenties. Strolling was a fun,
but I couldn't settle down. And always came back home to feel relieved.

Hence, Tokyo. Hence, the city where I've lived and loved most.
A kitsch melting-pot that is surreal, noisy, mean...but strangely attractive.

Yes, I'm a huge fan of this city and I'd love you to know it better.


The picture above: Tokyo Station building, opened Oct.1 after 5 year restoration project.