I remember that my wardrobe was filled with monotone items
around 70% or so last year.
But glanced at my closet quickly, I noticed there is flood of colors
and florals come larger than life this season.
It was happened by this blog for sure.
Since I started blog, I've more gravitated to brighter or printed items
and gradually got used to wearing them.
So even when summer approaches nearby, florals still in full bloom.

Here's what I want to say wearing one of them,
thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!!

dress: asos(here)
necklace: Cecile Boccara
shoes: Forever 21(similar here)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!



Here's my today's look before jumping off to work.

Well, I'm wearing this tibi jacket again
'cause simple jackets are my first option to go to work.
You've seen the same items being rotated over some period of time
but I still love to re-style them again and again.
(This jacket was previously seen here and here.)

Hope you started a wonderful week!

jacket: tibi(old/also stalking this)
top: asos(here)
vest: Mihara Yasuhiro(JP brand/also love this)
pants: Nastygal(here)
bag: Valentino rockstud
shoes: zara(here)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!



Hi, everyone!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Today I'm having a day off and enjoying sunny Sunday!

From this spring I started running as my cardio.
But just running around my neighborhood makes me
feel exhausted and out of breath all the time.......
But to stay active, I've decided to stick to it, ideally two or three times
a week at minimum......maybe?

Do you do anything to stay healthy?

top: Les Chiffoniers(here/another option here)
short: H&M
bracelet: Valentino
sunnies: Curler&Gross(here)
sneakers: ReebokxBasquiat Freestyle hi(here)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!


For today's styling, I really wanted to make options that
would encompass any possible occasion
for my 9 to 10 schedule.

I had to go to business meetings that allowed me
to wear anything I wanted, lunch&dinner with my close friends,
and in the end of the day I was to attend a casual party.

Does these shoes look a bit too edgy?
Yes, I did think that way first......
but they were more versatile than I'd thought
and sooo comfortable to walk around all day long.

top: red Valentino(here)
short: Forever 21(old)
bag: Proenza Schouler(similar here)
hair piece: Deepa Gurunani
shoes: Jessica Buurman(here)
earrings: etsy(one of a kind)
ring: Buccellati

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!



This season so many transparent items are seen in collections,

And to be honest with you, I bought this bag two years ago
but never had a chance to pick up.

So it's not brand-new actually, and I almost forgot that I had this.
It was kind of pleasure to find nice things from deep inside my wardrobe.
It feels like I hunt a treasure from an old box.

dress: snidel(similar here)
shoes: sergio rossi(similar here)
hat: Hermes
bracelet: Valentino
earrings: Petite robe noire(JPbrand)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!



Beige tone is one of my all-time favorites and now I'm in love with
pairing slightly different colors from the beige  color spectrum,

It's a bit difficult to pair similar tones in one because it can look
a little too dull or heavy.
So I intentionally added this camo-print skirt for an accent
to complete the look.

What's your favorite hue?
If you have a tip to pick up colors, I'd really love to hear yours as well!

vest: 3.1phillip lim(old/similar here)
skirt: wren(similar here)
belt: Patrizia Pepe(similar here)
bag: Celine 
shoes: Christian Louboutin(here)
necklace: Adia Kibur
bracelets: Seasonal Whispers(here)
earrings: Unoaerre

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!



If you're interested in visiting Tokyo someday,
I highly recommend to check the boutique Petite robe noire.
This store started from an old tiny apartment house (near my office)
and it's gradually got bigger year by year.
I've been supporting this shop and often drop by, so I was glad
to hear it finally launched an outfit label from this S/S.

The top I'm wearing today is from the memorable first collection,
the print design was created by the collaboration with the Japanese contemporary artist.

Hope you choose Tokyo for the destination of your next trip!

tip: petite robe noire(here)
pants: asos(here)
shoes: zara(here)
bag: zara(here)
earrings: Vivienne Westwood(old)
necklace: Adia Kibur(here)
bangle: asos(old)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!


I bought this dress many weeks ago.
This was in my wishlist and as soon as I could I got it on my own.
But I counldn't find the best time to sport this...
mainly because of the weather, and to be honest,
I didn't have the courage to wear this.
This is soooo cute, I suppose, but not so suitable for business meetings
and y'know this kind of demure dress makes my heart float
although I love this as it looks.

Hope you guys have a relaxed weekend, and thank you so much for reading!!

dress: H&M conscious collection
earrings: cocoshnik(JP brand)
ring: Ahkah(JP brand/also available in English!)
bangle: no brand
shoes: zara(here)



Lately, I'm soooo into sneakers!
For long time, they were just for walking around in my neighborhood
or working out at a gym for me.

But I noticed and was so convinced of the simple fact: they are so comfortable!
And additionally, they go quite nicely with my staple outfits.
So, since then I've been rotating my sneakers and stalking to find nice ones
almost every day.
Actually there are several pairs I bought these days, so stay tuned and I'd
love to share you more!!

dress: asos(here)
bag: Proenza Schouler(similar here)
sneakers: Nike Flyknit Lunar1(here)
sunnies: Cutler&gross(similar here)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!