Every day and night, I take a15to20 minute walk with my dog.
And last night, we had a mesmerizingly clear sky after the stormy weather.

It was so beautiful that I was immediately inspired....by its blue gradation.
The color palette appeared in front of my eyes and showed me the look
for today....the panorama of the sky, from lighter to darker,
like it changes as the sum verges.

jacket: Han ahn soon(similar here)
top: zara(similar here)
skirt: topshop
belt: asos(here)
watch: Hermes
bracelets: Seasonal Whispers(here)

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Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend!

Today, I wore a yukata for a festival held in my neighborhood.

A yukata is a sort of kimono, but it's more casual and usually worn in summertime.
Tied with an obi (a sash), and worn with a pair of geta (sandals).

Nowadays most of the girls can't wear these costumes on their own,
but it's not too hard if you learn some technics.
It's a part of Japanese culture, but I should say...... it's just clothing.
So I'd be really glad if you get interested....and try one sometime like this.

Here's a tutorial for wearing a yukata.
And here's a web-store where you can get them.

yukata: tsumori chisato(here: can be shipped internationally!)
obi: kaos
bracelet: rada(here)
other items: bought at random stores

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We are having strange weather lately here in Tokyo.

Torrential rain pours once or twice a week and
more surprisingly, the lightning struck right in front of my house...
I was so scared and  forced to survive without electricity for a while.

Today, the weather broadcast says it's gonna rain really hard again tonight...
Should I wear my wellies instead?

hooded trench: Han ahn soon(similar here)
dress: choies(here)
bag: Prada(vintage)
shoes: Elizabeth&James(here)

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I absolutely love accessories, and among them headpieces are my
favorite items to finish the look.
So this time, I styled my outfits backwards from this scarf wrapped around
my head.
Just classic Hermes was the perfect piece to complement the total look
and super comfortable to pinch my hair in.

jacket: zara(here on sale!)
top: snidel(JP brand/similar here)
shorts: Theyskens' Theory(similar here)
scarf: Hermes
bag: Mulberry(here)
shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti(old)
hair pick: Hermes(here)
bracelet: Hermes
envelope ring: Gemma Redux
other rings: bought at random stores
earrings: Unoaerre

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When in doubt my staple......go-to color scheme is
black&white and I love to add a punch of intensity when wearing them.
I always keep in mind that the key to pair in these colors is to
add elements of interest to a monochromatic palette.

It always gives me a kind of challenge as well as so much
fun to play with...that's quite enjoyable time before jetting to the office.

jacket: T by Alexader Wang(here)
top: asos(old)
leather shorts: Mango
necklace: zara(here)
ring: Buccellati
bag&shoes: Chanel

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As I mentioned in the last post, lately I'm rather inclined to take on
an autumn spin.
I love to wear leather in summer (why not!?) in autumn colors,
and even more...love to do some layering that is as well reasonable
for outrageously cold air in air-conditioned rooms/cars.

jacket: zara(here)
shirt: equipment(similar here)
striped top: jenni kayne
pants: Brittany's(JP brand/also recommend this&this)
necklace: Adia Kibur(here)
shoes: Forever 21(similar here)
bag: Valentino(Rockstud exclusive for Isetan)

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In online boutiques, such an enjoyable sale term is getting to the end,
and you see the new arrivals of autumn&winter pieces
even though it's so hot and the summer sun still shines outside.

The weird thought of mine...is that I feel like wearing more autumn-like
outfits in this heat.
And more strangely, autumn colors ~such as brown, burgundy(last year's hit!),
or grey captivate my eyes.
The big problem is...of course the priority of comfort against this heat!
......so which should I take?

inner top: fLuXing
belt: Patrizia Pepe(similar here)
pants: theory(similar here)
hat: ca4la(JP brand recommend!!)
earrings: one of a kind from etsy
bangle: Lulu Frost(here)
shoes: Tsuru(JP brand/here)
clutch: Inge Christopher(here)

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I always love this merry-go-round in the forest.

Music flows silently as you can hear birds singing......

Seeing horses, zebras, and even pigs swinging, I walked around
slowly as the hem of my skirt and swinging behind on each step......

dress: Reformation
inner dress: no brand
necklace: bought at etsy(from this shop)
bangle: Lulu Frost(here)
bracelet: Seasonal Whispers(here)
shoes: Elizabeth and James(here)

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