Hello, beauties!!

Today I'd love to talk about a beauty topic.

Of course, I do believe a magic of make-up,
but as getting age, I came to think that making a clear, poreless skin
is much more important than covering up the face with layers or colors
to hide rough surface.

As I was a teenager, I was so much troubled by pimples.
And after I got 20, acne scars were left on my cheeks that
let my mood down from time to time.

So I'd love to share with you my skincare theory~
what items I use to keep my skin clear without going to aesthetics.
( I'm sure I reached destination!)

Hope that I can help some of you from skin troubles and
make you smile when seeing in mirrors!!

Galactomyces: whiten your skin
Haba Uruoi densetsu: for moisturizing
Lu pharma: lifting-up(unfortunately not shipped internationally)

for special care
SK=Ⅱclear lotion: wipe-off clarifying
SK=Ⅱrich cream: intense aging care

Kiehl's BB cream: Sun care 

I'd love to hear your recommendations as well.
Do you have any favorite items or rules for skincare?

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Happy weekend, guys!

Today, I took a short walk around Tokyo government office.
The buildings in this area are quite odd and futuristic.
It reminds me of Steven Spielberg's 'Transformer'.
and makes me feel that I'm a tiny dwarf surrounded by
huge robots or a sort of gudgets.

shorts: asos(here/similar here)
shoes: Elizabeth&James(here)

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Facing the mild drop of tenmperature this morning,
 I was incredibly excited to be covered up with my blazer for extra warmth
and happily picked up the bird Jacquard pants which I had longingly
wanted to wear as the wind getting colder.

jacket: tibi(here)
pants: asos(here)
top: Phirosophi di Alberta Ferretti
bag: Saint Laurent(here)
hat: Emilio Pucci(old)
neckelace(shorter): Cocoshnik(JP brand)
necklace(longer): Ahkah(JP brand)
shoes: zara(old)

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Lately, at Chanel flagship boutique in Tokyo,
I found this literally breath-taking ring and was
immediately drawn to the details of this miniature world.

On your finger, you'll see the charms of Mademoiselle COCO herself,
Mousier La tour Eiffel, camelia, clover, black heel, a quilted purse,
and icon CC mark altogether.

I can't express how I love it.....
It surely allows the adults to dream and play in the tiny world
which flows on your finger stage.

ring: Chanel
bracelet: Valentino

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Now I'm pretty excited about slipping into a new season
though we are having a brief heatwave inTokyo.
To tell you the truth, I packed most of my summer wardrobe away
already, so naturally I have to pick up thicker items from now on.

First up, this fab...knit top with mimosa(?) appliques.
Today I picked up this sweater instinctively
and heard my inner fashion dictator proposing
"What about white&white mix to make it look lighter?"

So I obeyed the voice and added a kind of spice of
my latest Jimmy Choo pochette which I bravely invested for this new season.

knit top: Minusey(here)
pants: Ylang Ylang(JP brand/similar here)
belt: Just Cavalli(similar here)
earrings: Wanderlust&co(here)
bangle: Jimmy Choo
boots: Giuseppe Zanotti
bag: Jimmy Choo(here)

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New trend alert!
Check patterns are autumn/winter staple
but this season block-check can't be missed.

To bring some femininity, I paired it with an open-shoulder top.
Somehow both delicate and strong....and additionally,
there's no other accompaniment than chic leopard shoes
for avoiding too classic style of the 60's.

top: Diego Reiga(similar here)
skirt: Rirandture(JP brand/similar here)
necklace: Rada(option here)
shoes: zara(old)
clutch: bought in Paris(option here&here)
ring&bracelet: Buccellati

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Just a quick post of my today's look.

After a huge typhoon left Tokyo, we finally had a clear sky for a while
and it brought cooler weather.
A bit chilly though, I chose Marc Jacobs ruffle-collar blouse and
teamed it up with a hint of rock taste: H&M studded skirt.
I adore this kind of high&low choice for mixing the tastes.

top: Marc Jacobs(similar here)
skirt: H&M (here)
Bag: Jimmy Choo(here)
shoes:Jimmy Choo(here)

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Though I still miss summer breezy nights, the thought of warmer colors
and layering up is gradually getting me excited  for fall.
I do remember how I loved burgundy color last fall...however,
while shopping things for F/F seasons, my coveter finger is
inclined to point at red items rather than burgundy.

Found this red&red block-color top at asos, I thought what a
great match to my red skirt, pairing different tones of red colors.

Happy weekend!!
I'd love to hear what you want to wear for this fall!!

top: asos(here)
skirt: topshop(similar here)
bag: Nina Ricci(smaller here)
shoes: Chanel(old)
hat: fifth(simlar here)

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Ok...I think I should get ready for fall now.

Here's shat I purchased for this F/F: a fur skirt!!
Well, to tell you the truth, this is the first time to try a fur skirt...
but when tried it on, I immediately fell in love with the fluffy texture
and the delicate aura it exudes.
Though it's not quite chilly today, it made me feel fall has come
and I can't help but want to play with animal print top to add an
extra accent.

cardigan: Alexander Mcqueen(old/option here)
fur skirt: Lily Brown(here/option here)
clutch: asos(option here)
shoes: Sergio Rossi(similar here)

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As the shadow gets longer, I feel autumn coming closer
and summer is leaving us.
Too bad summer is apparently gone and I know I should
change my wardrobe, but I'm still in the mood for wearing
some summerish things...
So summer, please give me a couple of days and let me
take my time to prepare for autumn mode.

top: fifth(similar here&here)
pants: Gallarda Galante(similar here&here)
bag: Pierre Balmain(another color here)
shoes: Blonde Ambition(another color here)
necklace: handmade from etsy shop
bangle: Lulu Frost(here)

ARIGATO!  Thank you for reading!!