My love for stripes still goes on.
Today's choice is the man-like jacket with pin stripes.

To be honest, I picked this up for a blog shoot without considering much.
Oops! That must be a symptom of addiction!!

jacket: Christion Dior
dress: zara(previous season)
beanie: Loro Piana
bag: Givenchy(similar here)
shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors(similar here)



Well, it's no more a sequel post. It's not layering stripes, but a single stripe.

Last week I fell in love with this waistcoat and can't help sporting this
although it doesn't keep me warm enough in this cold weather.

Normcore. A marketing term grew into a fashion trend.
A portmanteau of the words "normal" and "hardcore" as what I learned these days.
I don't believe I can be a normcore lover. I need a little spoof like this when styling in the extreme simplicity.

waistcoat: Jil Sander(here)
shirr: D holic(here)
skirt: Beams(JP brand/similar here)
glasses: Oliver Peoples 'Milman'
bracelet: Lele Sadoughi(here)
bag: De Couture(similar here)
booties: Fendi(super old)



Hi, everyone!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

This post is the sequel to ''LAYERED STRIPES'' <3
In the previous post, I tried to layer stripes in different width,
but this time, I took an advanced risk of layering stripes in different colors
focusing on pairing green lines on a top and shoes.

top: Jourden
pants: D'issy(JP brand/similar here)
hat: Rose Bud(JP brand/similar here)
bag: Givenchy 
shoes: Vionnet(here)



You'll never find more original bags than those with your initials.
Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Louis Vuitton.....wow! I do adore them!!
However I suppose I should search for some more wallet-friendly ones.

How do you like them ↓??



Basic pattern such as plaid and dot are such universal design that
they are easy to be boring from time to time. And not to mention, stripe pattern
is one of them.

In the previous post, I tried layering scarves and liked it so much.
The idea ''layering'' kinda burst in my mind and the flash compelled me
to do something unexpected and challenging to expand my styling choices.

coat: Cacharel
dress: Celine(here)
bangle: bought in Italy
bag: Givenchy(similar here)
shoes: DKNY(old)



For the beauties who want to have a break from black(or any dark colors),
I highly recommend you to layer up the scarves.
Plaid&plain, plain ones in different colors, or lace scarf on a wool one.
Ideas unlimited and those will bring fresh air to your styles for sure and
keep you warm for more.

layering printed scarf on a cashmere one
printed scarf: Soundtrack(JP brand/also love this!)
beige scarf: Topkapi(JP brand/similar here)
jacket: Rika
top: Theyskens' Theory(similar here)
pants: NastyGal(similar here)
bag: Pierre Balmain(old)
shoes: Cole Haan(here)



New and serious splurge this winter.
I updated my on-duty style with this incredibly chic coat from ALAIA.
The classic flared silhouette coupled with a voluminous collar give a
dash of understated demureness to simple mannish style and pinch of
drama to such a cold weather in winter.

coat: Alaia(similar here)
top: BCBG(here on sale!)
pants: Banana Republic(available at stores!)
necklace: Rada
belt: asos(also love this!)
bag: bhailiu(another color here)
shoes: Gianvito Rossi(similar here)



So finally I'm back in Tokyo and have started the business week.
One thing (or there may be many) I forgot was to make up my new year's
resolution. Oh I have to decide asap.

By the way this year is the year of the Sheep in the sexagenary cycle.
The look I picked up was somehow like a sheep with white&white pairing.
To flatter that, I add some red accent and a hat on to put some spice into
the style.

top: Minusey
pants: Banana Republic
shawl: Highland Tweed
hat: Rose Bud(similar here)
earring: one of a kind from Etsy
bag: Burberry
shoes: Toga(here on sale!)