This is the look I wore on the last day of April.
With such a cute bag that literally seduced me @asos.

As you are reading this, I'd probably on the plane heading for Phuket.
I can't wait to post from there!

dress: Lavish Alice(here)
ring: Chanel(old/also love this)
bracelet: Valentino
bag: asos(here)
shoes: zara(old)



I know this dress might look too feminine. It's not for utilitarian-use at all.
Can't go work. Of course can't go camping although for dating it's just perfect.
Well I think girls need somewhat a leap when transitioning seasons. A feminine leap.
I tend to feel like wearing a girlish plaid skirt at the beginning of autumn, or
a long length dress at dinners in winter.
As is contradictory, I do adore leather motos  or simple white shirts. We've got to leap one way and another,
but don't you think that's a kind of privilege granted for us?

dress: asos(here)
necklace: handmade from Etsy(here)
leaf bangle: Lulu Frost(here)
dot bangle: no brand
clutch: Gucci(old)
shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors(old/similar here)



TURQUOISE is my birthstone (December).
But I've wondered why this summerish color was chosen to be the color
of December.....though I feel somewhat proud of having the vibrant beautiful
color as my birthstone.
Anybody knows the reason??  If so, please please let me know!!

top: Hiholi(here)
pants: asos(old/similar here)
earrings: Vivienne Westwood(old)
bracelet: Valentino
belt: Valentino
bag: Pierre Balmain(similar here)
shoes: zara(old/also love this pair!)



Updated nails.
Pop and bold. When coloring plaid on nails, the color combination is
as important as drawing straight lines.



Dressed down leather items for weekend brunch, layering up a few of my favorites.
A downtown-sporty look can be more dainty when mixing touch of suede and glittery heels!

coat: Current Elliot(here)
top: The Row(similar here)
suede pants: Liu.Jo(here)
necklace: BooHoo(similar here)
bracelet: Lele Sadoughi(here)
sunnies: Etsy(here)
bag: Valentino
shoes: Jimmy Choo



Now I'm back in Kyoto to see the clients again.
Though I only had rather short time, I rented a bike to make a quick tour around the city.

Kyoto is a magical city.  ''Japonesque'' designs give me a sort of
nostalgia, but at the same time they make me feel that I'm an only stranger
from other places. The city is amazingly beautiful with more than 1600 temples and 400 shrines,
uncountable amount of flowers, and bracing rivers.

Don't get me wrong, I love Tokyo, a mix of tradition and modern culture.
But if you rather want to feel ''Japonesque'', definitely I recommend you Kyoto.
There's no other place like this.



This spring I'm more captivated by the texture of linen than ever.
I love the comfortable touch, even they crumple easily.

Well, generally linen fabric should be made and worn simply.
Is there any necessity to turn this light and natural material into edgy-fancy
pieces? I'd believed so......until I found this dress.
This layered linen dress looked absurdly pretty and caught my eyes.
It was so original that changed my belief!

If you are interested, just google ''linen wedding dress''.
Oh no.....you might say with a sigh, they are too good. Simply amazing!
Could be, in my humble opinion, nicer than silk gowns.

dress(worn as a skirt): 8(here)
transparent bangle: asos(old)
gold bangle: Forever 21
bag: Givenchy ''Shark''(color option here)
shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat(old)



Rain and cold swirled into Tokyo this week and that let the spring warm weather
As it appears that the frigid conditions will be sticking around for a while,
I pulled back my woolen coat again from deep in the closet.
Well, I should say that I don't want to give in to the weather.
So even in misty cloudy days, I wanna walk forward armed with bright color combos to get back the yoo-hoo feelings of the spring.

coat: tibi(similar here)
dress: Cedric Charlier(here)
necklace: boohoo(similar here)
earrings: Mikimoto(here)
watch: Hermes
bag: bought in Italy
shoes: Chanel(old)



Last weekend I went to the east side of Japan on business.
I finished the meeting in the evening and was a bit exhausted,
but I decided to visit Kiyomizudera Temple to see cherry blossoms.

Kiyomizudera (literally ''Pure Water Temple'') is one of the most celebrated
temples in Kyoto and was added to the list of World Heritage in 1994.

This temple is best known for its wooden stage that gives visitors an amazing
view of the cherry trees as well as the city of Kyoto in the distance.

It was the second time for me since I went there on the school excursion.
I was surprised that there are so many international tourists seeing cherry blossoms illuminated so beautifully
during the annual event in spring.
Well, there's a special illumination in the autumn leaf season,
so why don't you add a trip to Kyoto on your wish-go list??