Finally I can happily share my renovated kitchen with you.
I spent almost a half year designing it and am so satisfied with how
it looks.
As you see it's simple, modern and actually so practical.
A fridge and a dishwasher (both from AEG) are built-in, even a tish box
is stuck by a magnet under the table as I custom-made (seen on the last image).

The point I want to emphasize is the hue. I chose seven shades of black
for the entire kitchen this time.
I do love full-black kitchen but it could be too stern. So I mixed gray-black,
blue-black, metallic-black, mat-black, glossy-black, ash-black, and black in a marble.

Now I finished renovating my office and currently working on my new
house design. Hope I could share them with you soon!!

chairs from Minotti



Currently updated nails, with abstract crocodile print in a black hue.

Thank you so much for reading! Wish you an amazing weekend guys!!



Transitioning from summer to fall, leather is so versatile allowing us to
elevate our everyday wardrobe. Of course leather jackets (my favorite one is a biker!) are amazing autumn classic.
But you see, a suede mini dress (and moreover, half sleeve) is something you dare to play only for the beginning of
this season!!

dress: zara(here)
necklace: Forever 21(old)
bangle: zara(here)
bag: Jimmy Choo
shoes: zara(here)

Thanks for reading!! Wish you a lovely weekend!!



Seems we don't have the lingering summer heat,
so the all-white style might be the last for this summer.

I  love to wear top-to-toe white in the heat, though of course
winter white in crisp air looks so special after the autumn layering has gone.

dress: asos(here)
shorts: zara(here)
necklace: asos(here)
bangle: zara(here)
bag: Monki
shoes: Veronique Branquino(here)



The climax of my long trip in Netherlands and Belgium has come
here in Brussels!!

I've dreamed to visit Belgium for years and I'm already scheming how
I can come back again. It was so much more than I had adored......
the food was great, people were nice (and they look so beautiful actually!),
and moreover I love literally the colors of Belgium.
Belgian color senses look somewhat different from other European countries
(the example shown below).

Belgium, the country that doesn't have its own language, has always strongly been affected by the adjacent countries, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. However, just like the flags of them, the basic colors used in daily life
are reflected by national traits.

White plaster painted on belgian houses is different from that seen in France.
Red, brown, green have little moss-gray in the shades.
Belgium colors are defined by the subtle profundity and look so refined
in the quiet beauty.

   Belgian colors (seen at Royal Museums of Fine Arts)



Just about three hours from Amsterdam, I arrived in Brugge, a small but beautiful town in Belgium. 

This morning I was woken up by the clatter of hoofs. I thought I was still in a dream. But as the clatter was mixed with vehicle noise and hones, I noticed that I'm in a real fantasy: the dreamy town that still had a remnant of medieval days.

Sights to see are within walking distance. 
You can visit by a canal boat as well.
Here in Brugge, even swans are gentle and friendly to tourists.

Hotel room and window view  Hotel: Ter Duinen