Wisterias are now in full bloom in the front yard.
It's earlier than usual though, so lucky to see them before taking a short trip!

Thank you so much for reading and wish you a great weekend!!

dress: zara
top: Dholic
bangle: Lulu Frost(here)
hat: Sensi Studio(here)
sandals: Ash(similar here)



Kanazawa has hidden charms of Japanese tradition like Kyoto.
Located in the northern part, you can experience another tide of culture
and great food.

Here are the photos I took when touring around last weekend.
Hope you enjoy them!

Samurai former residence called ''Nomura-ke'' (Michelin Guide 2stars★★)

Another, and the best place to visit ''Kenrokuen''' (Michelin Guide 3stars★★★)
The huge garden of the old castle. Impressive in all parts, there is also a
panoramic view of the city. Irises and azaleas were flowering. Beautiful beyond words.

''21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa''
The city is a mix of old and new. At this museum, you can enjoy the
modern architecture and art works like Leandro Erlich's ''The Swimming Pool''
A layer of water is suspended over transparent glass, and under the ground
there's aquamarine empty space that viewers can enter.

 ''Higashi-Chaya district''
Traditional culture still remains remarkably in Kanazawa.
This area gives a perspective into the Geisha and a treat to walk around
the alleys of tea houses.
By the way, Geisha is not a prostitute as people often think.
''Gei'' means a skill and ''sha'' refers to a professional person. So geishas
are performers who dance or play music.

Kanazawa is also a city of handcrafts and performing arts.
The Hokuriku Shinkansen (a high-speed railway line) has started operating
from Tokyo, now the trip to Kanazawa is booming for the overseas tourists.

In 2009, Kanazawa became a member of UNESCO as a city of creativity and
culture. www.kanazawa-tourism.com



It requires courage when you diy your favorite outfits.

Lately I ventured to crop this dress (purchased from the sale, but still my favorite)
into the top.
Without taking up the hem, it looks a bit disheveled, yet more luxurious in lace details.
This is definitely one of a kind, and I simply adore the updated original structure!!

jacket: Carven(similar here)
pants: zara(here)
bangle: Forever 21
clutch: bought in Italy
pumps: Jimmy Choo(similar here)



Currently updated nails.
Inspired by the contemporary pottery series......



Oh, too cute to wear. Like the cherry blossoms at night,
the pink hem sneaks out of the navy ruffle on each step.
Truely adorable piece to wear when spring awakes.

jacket: Christian Dior
top: Dholic
skirt: Christian Dior
clutch: bought in Italy
rings: Ahkah
bangle: L'indochineur
shoes: asos(similar here)



The heels talk out more than a orange moto jacket.
I'm so much in love with LEGO-like details of the heels.odd, edgy, yet
surprisingly comfortable.

jacket: Three Floor
top: petite robe noir
skirt: zara
bangle: asos
shoes: Vionnet



Let's hail the glorious days of bomber jackets back from 90s
(or my childhood).
Oh, I'd never imagined that I would wear it at my age. But now I got to know
how versatile it is. A bomber (adore this with lace details) gets me through
this season on any occasion. A new hero showed up.

bomber: 3.1 Phillip Lim(here)
dress: Mo&Co
necklace: asos
bag: Alexis Hudson
booties: Christian Louboutin(similar here)